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Fall 2006 Information

Fullerton College ACG112

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Students in this class focus on artwork fine-tuned for reproduction--in print and on the web. They learn how to solve the specific issues that arise when addressing a wide audience. These issues are unlike the ones involved in crafting works for individual exhibition, and require an understanding of contemporary illustration practices and visual narrative.

This is a 3-units class that runs for 9 weeks (2nd half of the semester), beginning October 23 and ending December 20, 2006.

Class Projects

  1. First raster practice project 10/23 lab
  2. Second raster practice project 10/25 lab
  3. First vector practice project 10/30 lab
  4. Second vector practice project 11/1 lab
  5. Animation practice project 11/6 lab
  6. 3D practice project 11/13 lab
  7. Factual illustrations: assembly instructions 11/15 to 11/27 labs
  8. Showcase: your final project 11/29 to 12/20 labs

Class Topics

  1. Technical orientation.
    1. System software user interface.
    2. Recommended workflow practices.
    3. Digital illustration gear.
  2. Digital illustration orientation.
    1. Historical overview of illustration.
    2. Variety of digital illustration techniques.
    3. Impact of digital techniques on publishing.
    4. Requirements and constraints of common publication formats.
  3. Raster graphics (digital painting).
    1. Raster programs.
    2. Common raster features and techniques.
    3. Raster illustration uses and visual styles.
  4. Vector graphics (digital drawing).
    1. Vector programs.
    2. Common vector features and techniques.
    3. Vector illustration uses and visual styles.
  5. Digital 3D graphics.
    1. 3D programs.
    2. Common 3D features and techniques.
    3. 3D illustration uses and visual styles.
  6. Digital animated graphics.
    1. Animation programs.
    2. Common animation features and techniques.
    3. Animation uses and visual styles.
  7. Input/output.
    1. Visual resources research.
    2. Scanning and vectorizing.
    3. Working files vs. delivery files.
    4. Standards and compatibility.
    5. Print media case studies.
    6. Electronic media case studies.
  8. Illustration as authorship.
    1. Narrative and documentary pictures.
    2. Typology of text/image interplay.
    3. Visual conventions: iconography, symbolism, typecasting.
  9. The business of digital illustration.
    1. Professional illustration practices and job descriptions.
    2. Impact of digital techniques on promotion.
    3. Intellectual property issues.

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