Desktop Publishing I

Spring 2005 Information

Fullerton College ACG140

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This is an advanced course covering in depth one of the leading Macintosh programs for page layout, Adobe InDesign.

Lecture Lab

week 01

Intro to layout programs; lab operation Getting Started

week 02

Text and image acquisition A Quick Tour of Adobe InDesign

week 03

Tools and palettes Getting to Know the Work Area

week 04

Page setup and layout Setting Up Your Document

week 05

Drawing basics Drawing Vector Graphics

week 06

Drawing adjustments Working with Transparency

week 07

Color Creating and Applying Colors, Tints, and Gradients

week 08

Objects Working with Frames

week 09

Image types and import Importing and Linking Graphics

week 10

Text processing Importing and Editing Text

week 11

Typography Working with Typography

week 12

Cross Media Applications Publishing with XML

week 13

Long Documents Combining Files into Books

week 14

Electronic media export Creating Tables

week 15

Pre-press and Printing Setting Up Your Monitor for Color Management (no project files)

week 16

Image export Ensuring Consistent Color

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