For this book cover, the (uncredited) designer chose details from several illustrations in the book. Clockwise from upper-left:

Scientists discussing the images from an optical telescope displayed on a video monitor. This was originally intended for the endpapers--which were eventually devoted to an astronomy glossary. The illustration is used in the last double spread (not numbered). The accompanying text reminds the reader that the ideas detailed in the book are subject to constant revision as new discoveries are made.

An exploded view of the Earth, with a diagram of the motion of continental plates. Part of a double spread comparing the structure of the various types of planets found in the Solar System.

A cross-section of an erupting volcano. This is a detail from a larger picture illustrating the early stages of the Earth's formation.

A sequential image of some of the steps in the evolution of a star. In the facing page, additional illustrations showed the possible outcomes of the star's life cycle (dwarf, black hole, etc.)

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History of the Universe, illustrations by Sandro Corsi
Video monitoring of a telescope Earth's internal structure
Life cycle of a star Volcano cross-section
text by A. Perez De Laborda, adaptation by R. Fatone
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